What should I expect from my raw hair after purchasing?


Raw Hair is just as it sounds! 

This being said whenever someone mentions raw hair is very cliche, but nevertheless true. Raw hair is hair sourced from overseas which is then cut from a single donor’s head and created into a wefted extension aka “track”. Having hair sourced from a single donor is great because you know all the hair is the same quality. Virgin hair often has mixes of synthetic hair, floor hair (leftover hair from hair cuts), and even Remy hair. This is why when bleaching virgin hair, you often see that some strands of the hair may have lifted brighter then others. 

Raw hair also hasn’t gone undergone the processing techniques of virgin hair. For example, 90 percent of virgin hair bundles have undergone a silk coating to keep the bundles straight. Raw hair not undergoing this treatment doesn’t mean it’s any less straight! Not having that silk coating on your silk bundles is perfect when you decide you want to curl your extensions. If raw hair were to have that silk coating, when you would curl the hair the hair would immediately drop. 

To get the raw experience everyone brags on you must be sure to care for the hair. All Monello Kouture extensions come with a personalized hair care card with specific instructions. To give you a heads up before purchasing, raw hair performs just as your own hair would. With this being said, it is important that you CONDITION this hair often. Often being every 2 weeks if you apply a lot of heat and products frequently. Me personally, the CEO, have only conditioned my set of bundles once before installing, then again before I bleached the bundles to dye them red. I didn’t have to condition so often because I applied heat mainly on the weekends when I forgot to tie my hair up the day before. Lol don’t be like me! I highly recommend conditioning before your install! I tremendously recommend conditioning you hair before installing! I extremely recommend conditioning your hair before installing! Please condition the hair lol! You will see a big difference in the hair. After all, you would cut hair out of your own head (after having it in for years), to get created into a wefted extension, and not wash the hair before putting it back in. Lol!