I have placed my order, when should I expect it?

First off, thank you for your order! If you have not ordered yet, thank you for even choosing to learn more about Monello Kouture!

All of the information to follow is displayed in policies, but some things listed may not be familiar to you if you don’t frequently shop from e-commerce shops for your hair extensions and or clothes. 

After you place your order, your order will be submitted for payment processing. Processing time usually takes 2-5 business days. With all things good, 2 days is normally the lead time. If you were to purchase with a card zip code different then your mailing address; you may experience a longer processing time. This is not always the case. Processing time is done to prevent fraudulent orders and chargebacks on orders. As you know, when placing an order anywhere payment charges will pend for 3-5 days before being completed. This is in the same process as our website’s processing time. To learn more about why Monello Kouture has a payment processing period, and what could cause a longer processing time; visit this link from the National Office of Currency. 


https://www.usnews.com/360-reviews/business/credit-card-processing/what-is-credit-card-processing | Here is a link from USNews for more information.


After payment/ order processing you should receive a tracking number! If you do not receive one immediately your order may not be in stock. Do not sweat. If your order isn’t in stock Monello Kouture will ship your order through next day shipping, complimentary to us. Will you be charged for this? No. It just means that instead of the 3-5 day shipping you chose at checkout; you will get 1 day shipping. In conclusion, your order will be delivered to you within the same time you expected the item to ship if it were to be on hand. Once we provide you with a tracking number, any delays must be taken up with the shipment company. Ex: Ups, USPS, Fedex


Once again, we thank you for your order and your interest in our brand!

Monello Kouture

Romans 8:28

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